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We designed and produced the first full balanced harps in the world, for a open, balanced, powerful sound

Balanced Harp: new era new conception

A new Age has begun

A Balanced Harp is a natural development of a classical harp.
The harp is one of the most beautiful instrument ever made by human being but at the same time, its sound, has not great sustain, power, incisiveness that's expected.
These characteristics of a harp, are due her mechanical design and construction.
Strings, through tuning machine and soundboard, are putting under huge stress the soundboard itself.
The tension applied by strings, strongly limits the range of the vibration of the soundboard, literally muffling the sustain and the power of the sound.
At the same time, the stress applied by the strings, is deforming the soundboard modifiyng the timber and set the structure in very critical work condition that sometimes lead to brake point.
We realized a patented system that solves these mechanical issues, balancing the forces applied by strings and consequently: balancing the soundboard.
This lead to:

  • More powerful sound
  • Sweeter emission with more modulation
  • More sustain
  • Stronger and less critical structure

Everyting you can never ever find in a classic Harp!
With Balanced Harp you have what you are looking for since years!

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